Three months before his death, John suddenly started having headaches that he rated a 10 on the pain scale of 1-10. What I quickly began to think of as THE HEADACHE was a matter of huge import for John, who had never suffered from headaches in his entire life and was now experiencing them every other day and sometimes more frequently. The intensity of his pain scared us both.

John was very afraid that his headaches were caused by brain mets, which at this point were his biggest nightmare scenario. His palliative care doctor did not think this was the case– but she basically shrugged her shoulders as far as solutions, other than mentioning the old stand-by Oxycodone.

I  had learned early on in this journey to believe in my ability to find solutions for John. I had one big advantage over his medical team when it came to diagnosis– I was with him around the clock.  Observing him closely gave important clues about what he had been doing before the pain started. My starting point in analyzing the cause of his pain was to look for the simple solution first…

During this time, John suffered many different versions of pain besides the headaches. His doctor’s bag of alternative tricks was limited. Even the impressive physical therapist she referred us to had only limited success. But neither of them were engaged in addressing the mental aspect of John’s suffering.

In this chapter of Shedding Light on the Cancer Journey, you will learn about:

1. How to troubleshoot the cause of these headaches

2. the power of Reiki for pain relief

3. the emotional component in cancer headaches

4. a simple home remedy that gives comfort in minutes

5. the healing power of bearing witness

None of the above solutions were offered by John’s doctors. In fact, they were clearly not even on any of his  doctors’ radar screen of possibilities– yet all proved to be extremely effective in reducing both physical pain and mental suffering.

This information and much more that can only be learned through hard experience is now in an E-book format that can be read on any computer, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Blackberry or whatever– available on Amazon:

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the support of the 400 monks, nuns and yogis in the seven Tibetan monasteries of Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche, who have devoted their lives towards building the foundation for peace and freedom from suffering for all beings in this world.


About surfingon

I live in Hawaii. I surf in the winter and swim in the summer. I have been a hospice volunteer with a contemplative-care oriented hospice for 25 years have been part of their team that trains new volunteers for the last 9 years. I have walked the colon cancer path with my beloved husband these past 5 years. He died very peacefully in April 2009. I now seek to share what we learned, to shed light on the many dark corners of this often mystifying, heartbreaking and heart-opening journey.
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