While researching the causes for the malaise that John was still feeling a full month after his first RFA and 2 months after the end of chemo, I discovered a surprising fact. Virtually all the symptoms John was experiencing– weakness, malaise, chills, drowsiness, taste perversion, sensitivity to cold– all of these were listed on the Coumadin label as “infrequently experienced side effects”. What I found mind-boggling  about this revelation was that these were all the same side effects caused by chemo (!!!)

This new bit of information, I realized, could explain why what we thought were the side effects of chemo were lasting so long after the chemo had ended. Maybe the side effects were not from the chemo at all, but from the Coumadin? Let me add a bit of perspective here from the department of 20/20 hindsight: at this point in our cancer journey, we were still very much at the beginning of our learning curve, not yet having attained the sad understanding of just how much is unknown and unknowable in this imprecise science of treating cancer. It was  not within our comprehension at that time that his doctors did not, could not know the real cause of John’s symptoms.

IF the Coumadin could be the cause of John’s current malaise, then I wanted to know: does he really NEED to be on Coumadin? Are his doctors just being overly cautious?

In this chapter of Shedding Light on the Cancer Journey, I share what our doctors never told us about Coumadin, what we had to learn through hard experience:

1. How is being on Coumadin lifestyle-liniting?

2. Why would a trusted doctor keep contradicting himself about the length of time he wants his patient to continue on Coumadin?

3. Why an implanted IVC filter to catch blood clots may actually make a carefully-monitored Coumadin regimen even more imperative.

This information and much more  that you are highly unlikely to learn from your doctor is now available in an easily searchable E-book format that can be read from any computer, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Blackberry or whatever– available on Amazon:

My sole goal is writing this book is to lessen the suffering of all present and future cancer patients by sharing all that we learned through hard experience, years of personal research and contemplation, and so much heartache.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the support of the 400 monks, nuns and yogis in the seven Tibetan monasteries of Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche, who have devoted their lives towards building the foundation for peace and freedom from suffering for all beings in this world.


About surfingon

I live in Hawaii. I surf in the winter and swim in the summer. I have been a hospice volunteer with a contemplative-care oriented hospice for 25 years have been part of their team that trains new volunteers for the last 9 years. I have walked the colon cancer path with my beloved husband these past 5 years. He died very peacefully in April 2009. I now seek to share what we learned, to shed light on the many dark corners of this often mystifying, heartbreaking and heart-opening journey.
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