Just a short note to let you know that I’ve started a new companion blog to this one, called Shedding Light on the Widow’s Journey. My goal is to fill it with the many  things I’ve learned about living on my own that might be helpful to other new widows. Tentative subtitle: “The Intrepid Widow“. I’ll let you be the judge…


About surfingon

I live in Hawaii. I surf in the winter and swim in the summer. I have been a hospice volunteer with a contemplative-care oriented hospice for 25 years have been part of their team that trains new volunteers for the last 9 years. I have walked the colon cancer path with my beloved husband these past 5 years. He died very peacefully in April 2009. I now seek to share what we learned, to shed light on the many dark corners of this often mystifying, heartbreaking and heart-opening journey.
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  1. Rachel,
    Thank you for all the light and insight you bring to the world of the cancer journey. I know a good friend of mine, Sheryl Kurland, has from great comfort in your words here.
    In Orlando, FL, we have the Modern Widows, we have had several ladies talk extensively about needing more information about the maze that overtook their life. So, thank you.
    Carolyn Moor

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